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When all the traffic is routed through Security Gateway 1, connections between the remote client and the server can be inspected.EIGRP would route traffic between the two routers over the GRE (VPN) tunnel.

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In the figure above, one of the host machines behind Security Gateway A needs to connect with a host machine behind Security Gateway B.Suppose the same remote client needs to access an HTTP server on the Internet.If the remote client is using an IP address supplied by an ISP, this address might not be fully routable.

At the moment of tunnel creation, the exact IP address of the other is unknown.Configuration of Client to Client Routing by Including the Office Mode Range of Addresses in the VPN Domain of the Security Gateway.So a Virtual Private Tunnel is a connection between two points and that connection carries IP or non IP traffic.This connection uses IP but within the IP is the real ( IP and others) packets you want to send.

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I meant that things worked no matter value of MTU. BTW. it seems that the pptp negotiated.

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For whatever reason, Security Gateway 2 cannot perform the required content inspection.On the Remote Access page of the Security Gateway properties window, Hub Mode configuration section, select Allow SecureClient to route all traffic through this Security Gateway.This is necessary to create a routing- based VPN configuration.Add the Office mode range of addresses to the VPN domain of the Security Gateway.Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) is a tunneling protocol developed by Cisco Systems that can encapsulate a wide variety of network layer protocols inside virtual.Office B and C are connected via Sonicwall VPN tunnel. then.VPN Tunnel is used to encrypt the data by using GRE, IPSEC and other.

As well as providing enhanced connectivity and security, VPN routing can ease network management by hiding a complex network of Security Gateways behind a single Hub.Create an appropriate access control rule in the Security Policy Rule Base.Each office has a connection to the internet, but no connection to each other.

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NATing the address of the remote client behind the Security Gateway prevents the HTTP server on the Internet from replying directly to the client.VPN routing provides a way of controlling how VPN traffic is directed.This document describes how to configure a redundant VPN failover if a remote site loses its VPN 3000 Concentrator or Internet connectivity.Route Internet traffic to Azure site-to-site VPN tunnel on Sonicwall TZ205. Routing Help Needed - Site to Site VPN. 0.Once traffic from remote access clients is directed through a Hub, connectivity with other clients is possible as well as the ability to inspect the subsequent traffic for content.

Office mode addresses used by both Security Gateways must be non-overlapping.VPN routing cannot be configured between Security Gateways that do not belong to a VPN community.Watchguard describes how to set it up here: Configure Manual Branch Office VPN Tunnel Switching.

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IPSec to be implemented on both ends to encrypt the data.Thanks.VPN routing traffic is handled in the Security Policy Rule Base as a single connection, matched to one rule only.It will affect on bandwidth after creating VPN tunneel to other users bandwidth.

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The following example shows a VPN connection between two sites that use static routes.The packets are then forwarded to the HTTP server on the Internet.Look at int tunnel0 Notice the reference to profile P1 which points to transform T1.Remote client to client connectivity is achieved in two ways.

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