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This methodology allows for much more complex settings (network, routes, and so on) but also requires a lot more configuration.I have to admit that I have not actually setup in this fashion myself so I might have to lab it to come up with a cleaner answer.Main hub A routes traffic through one of its external ports (e.g. X4, direct connect, not VPN) to Site C.If so you may need to switch to a route-based VPN which means the VPN policy simply handles the tunnel and then you have explicit routing rules that handle the various routing scenarios.

Make sure that the rules on the Sonicwall for the inbound traffic clearly identify the remote side LAN (this is probably in place as Sonicwall users can get to the Cisco LAN but check it anyway) and make sure the rules on the Cisco clearly identify the Sonicwall side of things.SonicWALL Installation Guide Page 5 Quick Start Installation Guide Thank you for purchasing a SonicWALL Internet security appliance.I thought these were supposed to sit along side each other and traffic would use the most direct route.These two items in place should force all traffic from the remote site to route over the VPN tunnel and out to the Internet via the central site GATEWAY IP.The other two branch offices with exact same settings are fine.Changed the DNS for the DHCP scope on that interface and I am getting name resolution through VPN for that interface (LAN).

I am attempting to setup a VPN for some of the users at our company.

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I have my tunnel setup and it is working, but I am wondering about my current speed.Everything works fine however I now have remote users who connect to our network using the SonicWall VPN client.

There is a way to make it work but it may take some real dancing to do so.My logon script runs, I get my mapped drives and printers and can browse the network.After upgrading the Surface Pro to Windows 8.1 the Sonicwall GVPN client.While I would certainly consider a tunnel and setting up routing, that option is not easily available to us as only Main hub A has an exposed IP address and exposing an IP address at site B will be politically difficult.On the first tab (General) check your Local IKE ID and Peer IKE ID.And each Sonicwall would show 2 tunnels up there is a tunnel created for each subnet (like the last illustration in the post).

Your speed will always be tied to the UPLOAD speed of your connections.

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Question: do you see the 9 subnets showing up individually in the VPN listing.Only thing I suggest is that you ensure the firmware on both units is at the same level or a s close as possible.

I found this to be a much faster approach then following the wizard even.So I had to go on the fortiGate and create separate phase2 SAs for each additional subnet.One thing I would suggest would be to strip out all of the 9 subnets except one and ensure you have traffic flow properly between the two endpoints then add each subnet back into the the config, one by one, and ensure traffic flows correctly.I would like to know how to setup a VPN on our Sonicwall TZ210.Also, when you tested with the laptop, where was it pointing for its DNS.It will work for you as this is the recommended way to set up when one end is dynamic.The info in brackets above would be the Address Group Objects.Also, my post was Sonicwall specific for setting up VPN between Sonicwalls, the process may not work according to plan with non-Sonicwall.After done a reset on my testing process, I figured out why the bridged interface was not working.

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I factory reset the Sacramento side and walked through it again.Between the modem and router or between the router and machine(s).

In other words, I think Site C has to have a route that says traffic for B and A have to route through A and the Sonicwall needs to know that traffic can come from C though A heading for B.Currently I have a working setup that looks like this. clients use the sonicwall vpn client, cisco router sis in fron of the sonicwalll pro. cisco performs nat which.Is it difficult to set up a site-to-site VPN and access resources across a VPN with identical subnets.If you only have two units involved then pick one as the master.Im trying to deploy a site to site VPN using Sonicwall SOHO3 between two homes.

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Remember, the Sonicwall you are configuring is the initiator of the VPN connection so it has to know what it needs to connect to.Now I have to change my MX records to point to the public IP address of my Master SonicWall.

An example of how multiple networks display under a VPN policy follows.When you have a tunnel interface you have to explicitly create routing rules on each endpoint (Sonicwall) to enable traffic to properly route across the tunnel.

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You will also see tunnel information appear under the Currently Active VPN Tunnels when a tunnel is established.Once your VPN policies are created you can make modifications that expand what traffic is allowed to flow over the tunnel.I will caution you that you may have little success trying to set up VPN between a Sonicwall and a consumer-grade firewall.In other words, the ASA also needs to know that it needs to route traffic back to the Sonicwall local LAN via the tunnel.So I plugged the wireless router back in and set the laptop up to connect to that and the internet works fine like it always did.

I have multiple site-to-site VPNs set up at branch locations and rarely have any issues.

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I originally followed your guide and linked two of the offices together, and today I was tackling adding a third to the mix.Configure a Policy-Based VPN between Windows Azure and a Dell SonicWALL Firewall by Hemlata Tiwari, 3rd Dec, 2014.We set this up on the Networks portion of each policy and bound the policies to the LAN subnets at each end.I can easily change the scope to a different subnet, say if you have 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x on Sonicwall1 and 192.168.3.x and 192.168.4.x on Sonicwall2 and you want everything to see everything your settings would be.

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Learn how to set up a virtual private network (VPN) using the SonicWALL NSA 220 Network Security Appliance.

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