Does viber work in dubai

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You may also try to register to Viber through a few different WiFi networks.Free SMS Dubai, Pakistan, UAE, Gulf, Sharjah and All Over the World.

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Viber however is not available but since viber was already targeting.

Guys, The only option to call from Dubai or any other Arab country is callback service.They have this Virtual Gold - you earn the Gold and convert it to make free long distance calls worldwide.Viber can be used for free between any 2 Viber users, no matter where they are in the world, as long as they are both connected to the internet.However we didnt have any idea that it had been blocked in UAE so after trying for a few weeks we finally gave up. a few days ago a friend of mine who had recently relocated to abu dhabi informed me that viber works there as well as in dubai as long as the app had been installed someplace else outside UAE.

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Dubai: Free calls are still possible between users of iPhones and Android-based handsets that have the Viber app installed, despite conflicting reports that it is.

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Our Whatsapp Marketing Service allows you to send promotional text, Images, or Videos across all the smart-phones around the world. This is.Hi Zaad, Could you please provide detailed instructions on how you changed the proxy and port.But why is it blocked here in UAE i cannot use my viber apps anymore.Meanwhile, you can try reading in the above posts and see the workarounds that people found for this problem.

If a user is connected to WiFi - that user is not paying anything for sure.Check with your friends and see if they are experiencing the same using Viber on VPN.

They make sure that not only you unblock Whatsapp in UAE but you also get to make Whatsapp voice calls without experiencing.Yes, Viber VOIP app works on 3G and WIFI both so either use it on WIFI or with the data charges, better go with an unlimited data plan to use Viber on iPhone so your data charges may not cost to your pocket: ).

I have been trying to set up viber on my iphone but everytime i start it.NDTV Correspondent, 05 August 2014. Viber is a full-fledged messaging application,.Unfortunately there is not much we can do to help:( You may try contacting the authorities and ask for the reason for this block.However, the report about the messaging being unblocked is encouraging.A BlackBerry Z10 device will work normally...

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Viber back in Saudi Arabia:. the popular internet messenger application, was back in Saudi Arabia days after it was.

How to unblock Viber in Saudi Arabia on Android. June 2. vpn accounts vpn for Android vpn for China vpn for Dubai VPN for expats VPN for Indonesia vpn for iphone.We are trying to install Viber on our iphone but unable to register our number.We are in Dubai.Incidentally, I like the way you have structured your site, it is super and very easy to follow.Millions of expatriates are moving to Dubai for work because the country is highly developed and provide great working.

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