They have made some great NAS at some very affordable prices.

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ASUSTOR Inc. was established as a subsidiary of ASUS and is a leading innovator and provider of networked attached storage (NAS).Network-attached storage (NAS) is a file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients.

When selecting a NAS you should take into account the amount of storage space that you need and the RAID level that you wish to use.The AS6102T 2 Bay NAS Server, 2GB from Asustor at an incredible price in our NAS (Network Attached Storage) category.The ASUSTOR NAS models can also be classified by the number of disk bays that each model has.ASUSTOR claims its AS5004T four-bay consumer NAS provides an economical network storage solution with good features.How else are you going to store your favourite TV shows and movies.In addition to basic system functions users can use App Central to search for add-on applications to install on the NAS.Even though the price may be the main factor when selecting a NAS other aspects should still be taken into account.In response to this, ASUSTOR has utilized a new and innovative non-traditional design concept to create a new generation of network storage devices.

ASUSTOR is a newer player and is emphasizing value to gain share.For anyone familiar with ASUSTOR NAS devices, the overall look of most of its models remain common.After purchasing a NAS users must also purchase hard disks, with the type of hard disks depending on their storage needs.Merging into the NAS market, ASUSTOR has quickly grown to one of the largest consumer NAS vendors.Examples of functions to consider include multimedia playback, surveillance camera management, Windows environment integration, cross-platform access, mail server requirements, VPN server requirements and more.This means that users can complete setup of their NAS system using only their mobile device, providing a type of convenience that no other NAS on the market can match.Many people now have multiple mobile devices and computers, and the need to backup and manage all their data across all their devices is quickly becoming a hot topic.This tutorial was created on AsusTor AS-202T 2.7.1.RFT5. In order to connect your AsusTor device to our service do the following: 1.ASUSTOR NAS also features Cloud Connect technology for convenient remote access.

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MyArchive allows users to use NAS hard disks as removable storage archives.A practical and cost-effective solution to these new challenges is Network Attached Storage (NAS).

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Instant wake from System Sleep Mode S3: An industry first, quickly put the system into sleep mode and wake it back up in only 1.5 seconds.Asustor AS3204T NAS review Join us as we review the Asustor AS3204T NAS.Provides users with more freedom to only install the Apps that they need.

If support is important to you, check their forums for topics and tone.

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The openness of the Linux operating system that many NAS devices are based on has spurred many enthusiastic users to contribute and develop applications and functions for NAS.It consists of a motherboard, CPU, RAM, disk bays for hard disks and a dedicated operating system.Furthermore, ASUSTOR is the only vendor in the industry to provide NAS system initialization via mobile devices.

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Buy Asustor AS3102T 2-Bay NAS, Intel Celeron Dual-Core, 2GB DDR3L, 1 x GbE, 3 x USB 3.0, WoL, System Sleep Mode, AES-NI Hardware Encryption with fast shipping and top.Cloud Connect: Free DDNS service providing convenient remote access.Asustor AS-204RS Intel Atom 1.2GHZ 1GB SO-DIMM DDR3 2GBE LAN 4USB3.0 HDMI 4-BAY 1U Rack Mount NAS.

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ASUSTOR NAS also features online capacity expansion which allows you to grow the storage capacity of your system as your needs increase, providing for flexible management.

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When selecting a NAS, the type of functionality provided by the should be considered based on individual needs.In the wake of technological advancements, digital information and data are being created in exponential amounts.

Your storage capacity needs and RAID level that you wish to use will directly affect the size of the hard disks you use and the amount of disk bays you will require in your NAS.Furthermore, the MyArchive function allows users to effectively achieve unlimited storage capacity expansion.The expansion of mobile technology has undoubtedly contributed to the exponential growth in digital data, increasing the need for digital storage solutions.Online capacity expansion means that you can easily swap out all your old disks for higher capacity ones without turning off your NAS.

ASUSTOR NAS devices come in 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12 drive bay models.ASUSTOR AS5002T 2 Bay and AS5004T 4 Bay NAS Devices Launched ASUSTOR launches 2 and 4 bay tower models NAS devices for new 50T and 51T series, equipped with the.

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