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The only drawback is you need a mini-pci WIFI adapter if you want built in wifi and support is somewhat limited.Linksys EA9200 Linksys introduced the EA9200 and the E8350, two new Wireless AC networking routers.Two dozen Linksys router models are exposed to attacks that could extract sensitive information from.Netgear routers were recently affected by a bug in their firmware.I could sit on the sofa all evening watching telly or reading books, or I could assemble a computer.

Mine melted in the backseat of the car in the sun on a hot Las Vegas day almost 10 years ago.The router is also open source, supporting OpenWrt and DD-WRT.Linksys Releases GPLed Code for WRT54G Submission: Linksys Resurrects WRT54G in a New Router WRT54G Successor Falls Flat On Promises.But using the labor argument against a solution where you are going to spend a lot of time dicking around anyway is weak, IMHO.

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Just remember to bring your internet enabled cell phone to check for model numbers so you know how to distinguish the ones with a 4 MB ROM from the ones with a 1 MB Rom.I have a situation where the iPad cannot connect to a basic Linksys Router with a simple. on a problem with my new iPad and a linksys wrt300N router.Not that I agree with the price but the unit has eSata and USB ports- I assume you could add storage.I also disabled the router management for the wifi network, you must be on the hard wired LAN to configure the router.

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For anyone interested, I originally had ClearOS on it and later switched to Sophos.

Yes if you find the right MiniITX board with a soldered on processor. but nothing that will have 4 or more ethernet ports. honestly you need 3 network interfaces just for a basic router.CNET editors choose the best networking devices, including wireless routers, wireless networking adapters, Ethernet routers, devices for Wi-Fi wireless, and many more.I replied that labor is silly to include in a discussion where people are dicking around with the firmware anyway.Today, Cisco announced two new 802.11n wireless router lines that aim to make home wireless networking easier and more accessible.There are lots of options for a DIY router, boards that even have card slots so you can put on your own wireless card, etc.Linksys Connect. 2,917. and change Wi-Fi and router information.

May work on a v2 and will likely brick a v1. v5-8 not supported on any linux distro.A few thousand for HR costs, share admin employees, et cetera and you can easily be looking at a 50% burden just as a starting point.Amazing what these little boxes can do with some custom firmware.The WRT1900AC is also the first Linksys router to include a Network Map feature designed to provide a simpler way of managing settings of each device connected to the network.If you own a Linksys Wireless router, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade the firmware to a latest version, which may resolve lot of bugs including.

Alix boards, and lots of others out there both ARM and even X86 based.The latter device is ideal for gamers who want a super-fast stream.IMHO, snapping a few boards into a case absolutely pales in comparison to getting an OS loaded and configured.

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Linksys WRT AC3200 Open Source Dual-Band Gigabit Smart Wireless Router with MU-MIMO, Tri-Stream 160 (WRT3200ACM).Heck, OpenWRT can even do BGP and OSPFv3 if you add the appropriate packages.As long as I enjoy either, does it matter which I pick for my downtime.Taking old cult classic objects name, slapping it on modern hardware and selling to suckers for a premium.

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The fact that it had all the hackable benefits was gravy for me to have my own versions.

I could have probably shaved off another 10 or 15 watts if I used something like an Atom without driving the price up too much.Linksys is also providing early hardware along with SDKs and APIs to the developers of OpenWRT, with plans to have support available when the router becomes commercially available.Linksys AC3200 Tri-Band Smart Wi-Fi Router with Gigabit and USB, Designed for Device-Heavy Homes, Smart Wi-Fi App Enabled to Control Your Network from Anywhere (EA9200).

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I think Cisco is going to win out even though I just retired my old WRT54G 6 months ago and have no need for a new router.

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Gigabit wired ports, gigabit-capable wireless, dual-core processor, etc.

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In this video learn how to setup your linksys wireless router quick and easy.I had a WRT54G for many years, but finally had to replace it after the last of the internal Ethernet ports died.

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