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It does not require complex configurations or anything, you can just install the application, setup a pin and get protected in seconds.In my institution we have a main server computer to which all other computers are connected via Wired Connection or WIFI.So, can I help you how can I secure my phone and laptop wifi security.

I want to create a WiFi password for Vodafone network.what to do.ANIL KUMAR Dubey July 16, 2016 Useless App No need to install this app.No Security for mobile can use click on blank and use it without password.I have just uninstalled it.I need to put a password for my wireless because my net start to become very slow.How To Secure Your D-Link Wireless Router. Susan. Here you will enable encryption and require a password to connect. I protect my router with a list of.By twinkle4all Apr 27, 2008. Hi,. The first time I set up my internet connection i saved my username and password.General How to Password Protect Data Connection. Data Connection.I entered default ip adress it ask forlogin and password but i dont know what should i enter help me.Full Review sandeep senthil June 30, 2015 Very good app Seems to be a very excellent app.

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Full Review Himanshu Dhingra October 29, 2014 good but not at all good if easily uninstalled Hello, I use it for myself, as a self control to focus on studies.I want to know how to protect mobile data connection function in.I want to add a password because other people will want to use it too.

It still turns on even if i put wrong pin Full Review santhosh r May 19, 2015 Issue with is software For my Moto E mobile this software is not suiting.

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Setting a password is. a Password to Your Wireless Internet Connection. able to connect to a.Use this same process to reset your password, should your roommate move out.WPA2-PSK is the better option here, though either encryption mode will be helpful.Full Review Ahmed Hejazi May 4, 2014 One hole left in the app.

The only thing i didnt have access to with out the password was this silly app.This vedio shows the process how to connect to the Internet when your Internet Connection Type is PPPoE you.

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While It should block the uninstallation by the PIN dialogue just like when opening the app.When the wifi gets connected, the app disconnects it and asks me 4 the pin, wich wen i enter, resets the loop.A strong password uses a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and special characters (such as an exclamation point).I backed out of the password prompt and opened a browser and sure enough, i was connected.

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Simply we should have to enter some kind of code to dail and app will be shown to us.I was prompted for the password but noticed the data icon in the notification bar connected anyway.This users using my wifi IP address, laptop and Phone IP address or MAC address and make sub wifi account. when I click forgot my wifi passward in my phone, I see this users sub wifi has automically autheritication error occurred at that time.Learn how to save your router from getting hacked. billed for your Internet Connection. router its dead easy to get your internet user name and password.

If prompted, enter the password for your Personal Hotspot. Bluetooth. Share your Internet connection with Personal Hotspot.Full Review Ashlee F July 25, 2015 Does not work.I tried it on my data because I have as for the password but if you hit cancel you can still use the internet.No i had wireless internet up in my home.2 laptop and desk now do i need to set up wireless on my 2 cellphones.

How to Secure Your Wireless Home Network. your neighbors can not only borrow your Internet connection.

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How to: Protect your wireless connection. Free. of your wireless connection is setting up a password. developed to protect wifi connections and.

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