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This is on Windows 8 Pro fresh install on a SSD drive, 2.6 Core i7, 18GB ram with no swap file.As you can see in the screenshot, resmon reports that there is a lot of disk activity originating from svchost.exe (pid 756). Defragment the hard drive.

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I simply shut it down in Processes and it seems to have solved the problem.Prefetch loads frequently used files from the harddrive into your RAM, Superfetch uses a USB stick to extend your RAM.Mostly it is being used by MsMpEng, which should be Windows Defender.

Great, but as you can see in the screenshot, I do have Process Monitor running, and you can see the configuration also in the screenshot.To explain what happens, here is the original screenshot that Nanor posted.Because svchost.exe is running several different processes,. (USB hard drive, new printer,. logging the successes will cause a lot of wasted activity).

I found another forum that was talking about firmware upgrades (mine was S5FAM014) I followed the instructions from the forum to upgrade my firmware to S5FAM017 and wow my computer woke up from its slumber and everything was just snappier so i believe that fixed my issue.If Superfetch is the problem behind your performance issues than you have a hardware or driver issue.Windows 7 and svchost.exe. Svchost.exe leads to heavy hard disk activity. What does svchost.exe do in windows, Hard Disk Drive not recognized during Windows.I completed this last night so i am axious to get back on my laptop to see if the problem has been resolved 100%.

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I have a serious performance hit due to a process called svchost.exe. svchost is a process that is. of svchost.exe that is causing all of the activity.As you can see in the screenshot, resmon reports that there is a lot of disk activity originating from svchost.exe (pid 756).

When I play games my computer will be handling them just fine and then randomly my screen will freeze for 3 - 10 seconds and then fastforward to catch up.So I bought this Vaio with Core i5-3210M, 4Gb Ram, Windows 8 64 bit.

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I notice that Apache.exe is running even though I have disabled Web Client and there are five instances of svchost.exe in.

CPU Usage 100%, svchost.exe using 160000k. Startup half hour

The mentioned Process Monitor program seems useful but is not always necessary.

[SOLVED] INCESSANT HDD activity - still after replacement

Several sub process with the same PID can run inside of svhost.exe.The superfetch service IS the culprit on my PC for making Windows practically unresponsive (mouse moves but clicking has no effect) for over 5 minutes.

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How To Diagnose And Stop Apparently Excessive Hard Drive. svchost.exe 9730 lsass.exe 5185.I too have had the 100% disk usage even though. to the disk activity.If you look at the transfer rates, just about 0.5mb spread to 5 programs is enough to produce a 100% activity graph.

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Disk use read 99-100% so I opened Resource Monitor and saw that svchost.exe was running Disk Defrag in the background.

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Hard drive being accessed even when computer is idle. svchost.exe SYSTEM svchost.exe. If an idle task is causing hard drive activity,.Only other option I can think of is to remove the hard drive and connect it as an external data drive to a clean.HDD Thrashing With Svchost.exe and. and it shows Svchost.exe scanning all my hard drives and only. that is responsible for the network activity.

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A long period of 100% activity means that a program or more use the disk constantly or periodically or all at the same time, or just on or two at a time.

[Resolved] Vista's svchost.exe process is constantly

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Constant Hard Drive Activity - Windows XP - All Editions

I doubt that your conclusion is right, as my tests result in a different outcome.Hard Drive Runs Constantly. \Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch C:.I wish I have a better solution, but that is what worked for me.Apparently the light is wired to not only blink on hard drive activity but also when the. having no disk activity. manager the svchost.exe and lsass.How To Diagnose And Stop Apparently Excessive Hard Drive Accessing.Over the past weekend I have been expierencing my laptop coming down to a standstill in processes it takes nearly two minutes to open up a page on chrome and running a game. forget about it.

You will have to clone or sdd to a hdd because upgrading the firmware deletes the sdd data.I can see the hard drive light on my pc is lit completely and it sits like that for a few minutes, any attempts to open programs during this time is useless.You may wish to see if this is your issue (find it under device manager, unknown devices).

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