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My home page is Google, and I want ANY new tab to open to that, no matter what site I am on at the time.You can quickly get to Google every time you open your browser by making Google your homepage.

Add news, photos, weather, and stuff from across the web to your page. - Create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s

I was trying to avoid covering this thread but the people in the thread are incredibly passionate about Google dropping the top blue bar that asks them to make Google.

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Published on Apr 14, 2013 How To Make Google My Homepage in Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, Internet explorer IE.Any time that anyone advertises on the search engine it is either put to the side or top and clearly marked as an ad.

It allows you to find almost anything you want and have your questions answered.You can even connect your blog directly to Google Analytics for a more detailed look.

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It makes you so irritated and also the toolbars also get installed.With Google becoming the most popular and most powerful search engine on the Internet, many people have wanted to make it their home page.

The first product that this company ever released was its search engine and that is what has enabled the company to come so far.You can put a term into the main search box and use the tabs at the top to switch to searching Images, Google News, Google Scholar, or any one of the other refinements that Google offers.

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Yesterday I had an update request window open for AVG so I clicked it.How to Make iGoogle Your Homepage. iGoogle is a customizable home page created and organized by Google.By clicking the button above you agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statement.

That is the number one reason that people choose it over other search engines.

Google also offers the ability to answer questions right in the search results.

Why has AVG replaced my default Google home page?


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