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Their service is really reliable, been connected to vpn for 48 hours so far, no stop and great speeds.You can apply for Astrill free trial account and see yourself Astrill in action.Our welcome email led us to a download page, which detected we were using a Mac.

The only slight hitch we experienced was the occasional need to restart our browser between connections, but this cannot be blamed on the software.If you do not want to pay extra, you can set up Astrill on your router (if that is supported) or buy Astrill VPN router for only 50USD and then all devices connected to router will be able to access Astrill VPN directly.Whenever you use Internet at public places - airports, hotels, cafes, libraries, you are at risk - your personal data can be easily stolen and misused by hackers.The connection process took almost a minute to complete, but once we were connected, we were able to confirm our UK-based IP address and perform a speed test.

Download cracked Astrill VPN Client IPA file from the largest cracked App Store, you can also download on your mobile device with AppCake for iOS.The ever-present offer of chat support while we were on the Astrill website was reassuring too.They offer stealth vpn, openweb, openvpn, ikev2, sstp, pptp, l2tp.We then received an email containing our trial logon and password, and were automatically logged into the client Astrill client area.

The Astrill iPhone app has been updated alongside iOS and I find the new app to be much more stable.Http requests are logged on all servers and that data is kept for a minimum of three months. Always. When I asked about this discrepancy between what they say publicly and what they do privately I was told we would do whatever it takes to run the company (even if that includes deceiving the customers).You need to have at least 20 friends or 20 people following you on Twitter or Facebook to apply for this discount.Downloaded the new one and it still wont work they insisted that it was installed incorrectly and when i redownloaded and reinstalled it worked.Astrill iOS VPN Client connects your mobile device with just one click to our secure VPN. Astrill VPN Client for iPhone Free.

It is for security reasons that you need to register an active number so that when you become a paid member and want to change login details, we will send a code to registered phone so we can verify if you are the owner of the account.

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It was for short period of time and now Astrill VPN works fine now even in countries with high censorship like China.We also have Astrill website which you can access even in China.Share VPN Connection with Multiple Devices. -Easy to set-up even for unexperienced users.There is so much sensitive data comming into and from your mobile phone, laptop, dektop PC and tablet.We are here to assist you with all your Astrill related queries so provide us with the details of issue that you are facing and we will fix it for you.I had only one problem with the application and was getting an error about 8 months into my service.

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I should mention that previously I also had problems with Astrill when China started aggressively blocking VPNs last year.Please note that with basic membership purchased from Astrill website, you can connect to 1 desktop device Astrill application and 1 mobile device Astrill application at same time.

The country menu provided a vast list of servers from which to choose.However, there is a seven-day free trial available, though you are not told of this until you reach the sign-up stage.They can max my 350mbps connection, which is amazing, they are the first out of many providers to do so.

In this regard, you are able to hide your identity while using the Internet.Skype and telephone support options are rare indeed, so we were very impressed with the support options available.Occasionally the server i choose to connect to is slow but it is generally very easy to find a fast one. and later that server is fast again so probably just load issues.

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Although Astrill also offer VPN routers and business packages, here we concentrate on their personal VPN services.

VPN connection is stable and can be connected for many days without disconnect.Support and documentation is great too, so this service could suit novices and enthusiasts alike.

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You can run Astrill on your WiFi router and connect all devices in your home or office to our secure VPN, for example all your phones, Windows, Mac and Linux computers, Apple TV, Smart TVs, etc.We were then told that a verification code would be sent to the phone number we provided.This performance result, a download speed just below 7Mbps, was exactly as expected.If you face any issues in accessing the above link, you can contact our live chat support so that they can check the issue and you will be able to check your IP anytime you want to ensure that you are connected to Astrill VPN fine.

We give our best effort to provide the service in countries with high censorship like China.It looks like they will probably be back up soon and this is temporary, we will keep an eye out for further developments.Astrill provide very thorough information on their service, so it was easy for us to ascertain technical details about how the service works.It got so bad that I was being disconnected every five minutes.Also, mobile L2TP performance was OK, but not great, so those wanting a solution for primarily mobile use may also find a better option elsewhere.There are two different ways to install Astrill on a DD-WRT supported router,.As we had already tested our speed via WiFi, we decided to test the speed of our L2TP connection via 3G.VPNs meaning Virtual Private Networks, can encrypt and tunnel all Internet traffic to your machine.Astrill VPN protects you whenever you are online and makes it impossible for anyone to get hold of your personal information transmitted over the Internet.

Customer service refuses to refund remaining time on subscription, even though they know very well service is mostly unusable in China.

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They have easy to use software for almost any operating system.We will investigate further and update this article if needed.Been paying for it since march (half year contract after they assured me that it would work after some downtime during my last contract with Astrill), and still not able to use it.All of the packages on offer provide unlimited bandwidth and data transfer.

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