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I think I can answer your problem but first I think it will help to explain some of the basics of how DNS servers work.

enforce Google Safe Search using PfSense - iamasuperuser

To add Google Public DNS to your Windows 7 machine, right-click on Network and choose Properties.It easily allows blocking of specific categories of web sites, blocking of specific web sites, as well as enabling of specific web sites when the category has been blocked.

Norton ConnectSafe DNS Servers for Safer Internet

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Yet another, increasingly common reason to use DNS servers from a third party is to prevent logging of your web activity and to circumvent the blocking of certain websites.The IPv6 version of their free DNS server is 2a00:1508:0:4::9.

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Gets an unescaped host name that is safe to use for DNS resolution.

Offer your customers safe and clean internet access without malware,.Google, having a massive and massively distributed technological.Google spies on people, on forums where you feel safe to express your opinion, your responses often end up as web page links.

How to Block Google Public DNS - Dont Block Me

Google has a separate IP address that will resolve search quarries with SafeSearch only.

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Force Google Safe Search with this Simple DNS Modification

Name System (DNS) lookups can affect your apparent internet speed.

Q&A - Should I stop using Google Public DNS Service, or

Instead of using the OpenNIC DNS servers listed above, see their complete list of public DNS servers here and use two that are close to you or, better yet, let them tell you that automatically here.

Google Public DNS Aims to Speed Up Your Browsing

Finally, in case there was any confusion, free DNS servers do.Know, however, that not all DNS servers avoid traffic logging.

How to Use Google DNS Server for Fast and Secure Internet

Advertisements do not imply my endorsement of any product or service.Verizon, like most ISPs, prefers to balance their DNS server traffic via local, automatic assignments.

A list of public and completely free DNS servers, plus instructions on how to change them.There are many ways to block content - DNS is just one, and not even the most common.Your ISP automatically assigns DNS servers when your router or computer connects to the internet via DHCP.

It crawls the web looking for all the text in all of the websites for quick key word reference whenever you do a web search.

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Google has its own DNS service, slipping its tentacles into yet another fundamental aspect of online life.Google is offering two DNS servers for public use, namely and, in an attempt to further speed up browsing.

Improve Web Browsing Security and Speed by Using Alternative DNS Servers.

How to force your LAN Clients to use Google SafeSearch

Many people complain that their ISP-maintained DNS servers are sluggish and contribute to a slower overall browsing experience.

How to set DNS using Google | Official Apple

This tutorial describes how you can setup Google DNS servers on your own computer for fast and secure internet., A DNS Number for Faster Browsing - InfoQ

Open DNS works just great for me performance wise, and especially security wise.

Google Cloud DNS Documentation | Cloud DNS | Google Cloud

A DNS server converts the readable form of web addresses like into numerical IP addresses like have quite an interesting issue with DNS that randomly occurred one weekend seemingly without any change in variables.

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