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The Federal Communications Commission is being slammed by public comments on net neutrality right now.Ironic how the FCC that could kill net neutrality seems so clueless about the Internet with how they designed their website.

Net Neutrality ‘Day of Action’: Will It Make a Difference

FCC should prove DDoS attacks stopped net neutrality comments

This is the origin of the anti-net neutrality spam onslaught

Several people we spoke to denied they had posted comments to the Federal Communication.

Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO

The principle of net neutrality generally means that all Internet traffic is treated equally.Our new tool makes it easy to contact the FCC and helps you craft unique comments with just a few clicks.Now that the commenting period has closed, the commission will look through the comments and is supposed to factor their thoughts into a final set of rules for net neutrality.The Federal Communications Commission has officially begun to undo Obama-era regulations on Internet service providers, often called net neutrality rules.The FCC is being flooded by fake, vicious comments as it begins debating net neutrality.

Fake net neutrality comments need FCC action, group says

The Federal Communications Commission approved a proposal for a controversial set of new net neutrality rules this morning that advocates say could.A broad coalition of telecom and cable companies has opposed this, arguing it would create unnecessary obstacles to broadband deployment.

John Oliver had previously called on Last Week Tonight viewers to submit comments to the FCC three years ago on the subject of net neutrality laws.As previously noted, the FCC has begun fielding comments on its plan to dismantle net neutrality protections.The FCC has passed a historic measure to more strictly regulate the Internet.

FCC Claims DDoS Attack Crashed Net Neutrality Comment System

When you attack the Internet, the Internet fights back.Today, the Internet went all out in support of net neutrality.

Write your comment below to tell the FCC why net neutrality MUST be protected.FCC sparks fear of corporate control in war for net neutrality.

Help Save Net Neutrality: Send a Comment to the FCC | Free

Someone is astroturfing the FCC with anti-Net Neutrality

Anti-net-neutrality bots are spamming the FCC with bogus

Conservatives flooding the FCC with anti neutrality comments

The FCC Has Been Inundated With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Identical Anti-Net Neutrality Comments.

Net neutrality advocates have been deeply concerned about the new proposal.

Comcast tries to censor pro-net neutrality website calling

FCC adopts historic Internet rules - Feb. 26, 2015

Making the lasting rules on this issue will require some hustling if commissioners are committed to doing it by the end of the year.Net neutrality comments to the Federal Communications Commission favored the current rules, even including spammed comments.

FCC Comments On Net Neutrality Contain - The Daily Caller

The Federal Communications Commission finished accepting comments on its controversial net neutrality proposal last night, and it closed out as.FCC says DDOS attacks, not net neutrality comments, tied up comments system.

FCC opens public comment period for net neutrality | TheHill

Whatever it decides will likely have dramatic implications for the future of the internet.John Oliver a few days ago urged internet users to tell the FCC how they feel about net neutrality, following a similar campaign from a few years ago.

If the FCC comments are any indication, net neutrality should win by a landslide.The Federal Communications Commission has received hundreds of thousands of comments on a plan that.Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) said he expected the FCC to have 2-3 million comments in the net neutrality (Restoring Internet Freedom.

People's Names Are Being Stolen To Flood The FCC - Digg

The window for the public to weigh in on how federal rule-makers should treat Internet traffic is closed, after a record 3.7 million comments arrived at the FCC.All Tech Considered explores how technology is changing culture and connection.Send a comment to the FCC today and join the fight to protect real Net Neutrality.

One of the largest icebergs ever is about to break off Antarctica.But whether the weight of popular opinion can overcome the significant lobbying heft of Internet service providers fighting against stronger net neutrality rules is a huge question mark.

Individual Comments Those who wish to file individual comments should submit them electronically via the Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) by going to.Microsoft announces thousands of job cuts as it refocuses on the cloud.

Bot-generated comments swamp FCC, urging overturn of net

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