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Anything you now play in—for example—YouTube will now stream to the TV.This article walks you through a few solutions to wireless streaming when away from home.Using your Chromecast in a hotel room takes a bit of planning.

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But in technical terms, what is actually happening on your device that configures the Chromecast dongle.

How to set up Chromecast in 5. setting up your Chromecast to recognize your home WiFi network.To change the wi-fi network that the Chromecast is connected to, you need to perform FDR (Factory Data Reset) on the Chromecast and run setup again.

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I think that you would find Chromecast to be more enjoyable to use and more.Chromecast operates on the wireless technology, so if you are facing troubles using Chromecast, then you need to switch to a.Google Chrome Cast Makes it less messy and more enjoyable: How many times have you encountered with that messy wire while connecting your laptop to the LED TV using a.This is an instructional video that demonstrates how to set up Chrome Cast, and use it anywhere your phone can browse the Web.Connectify creates a virtual hotspot through Windows, so you can connect your Google Chromecast to it.

Once this is done, it will connect to that access point instead of acting as its own access point.If you follow this guide, cooking with cast iron will be a breeze.

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How to Use Your Google Chromecast in a Hotel Room

Google should have informed the user that the setup device (phone, tablet, PC, etc) has to connect to the ChromecastXXX AP first and do the initial setup first before it moves to the other Wifi networks.

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Visit the Netflix or YouTube website and use the Cast button.Chromecast is a small device that makes any television a smart TV by connecting it to the Internet.

Another Mac alternative for a mobile hotspot connection—instead of going through the lengthy set-up process abov—is to download the BEETmobile Hotspot App.If you have a secure wifi network where you. once you pair the device with the Chrome browser, you can hit the cast.

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How To: Using Chromecast in a Hotel wifi network Tags:Chromecast wifi hotel Travel.How to set up Chromecast in 5 easy. official Google Cast extension for Chrome via the. your home WiFi network.

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There are two versions: a free Lite version and a paid version.So, if you want to use. do you actually HAVE the Chromecast.IF you are using Dual bank router like Linksys E3000 make sure your router is configured to listen on both 20Mhz or 40Mhz.

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