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adding Startpage as search engine - Discussion & Help is a new-found browser hijacker that comes to bother users by various Internet problems.I suspect your computer was infected with some malware which changed your homepage to startpage. # Startpage Search Engine

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Search engines appear in the drop-down menu next to the search bar inside your.

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The StartPage function prepares the printer driver to accept data.To add StartPage as your default search engine in Edge, please open your Edge browser, and do.Learn what makes Good Gopher the search engine for independent news and information.Add a site search engine to your website today, for free, in less than ten minutes. offers a proxy (privacy) with every search result, so users can optionally visit third-party websites through StartPage without anyone, even the ISP.Firefox and Chrome automatically use Google as the default search provider, and Internet Explorer uses Bing by default.

Tracking cookies are not only obnoxious, they leave crumbs that lead marketers straight to your door, says Robert Beens, CEO of, the Wor.I have Avast Internet Security, downloaded from official sources ( ). - startpage - Startpage Web Search

I have Avast Internet Security, downloaded from official sources (

Alternately, it could be a false-positive, however this is far less likely.Privatelee returns the best results from the top search engines.If the function succeeds, the return value is greater than zero.

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