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The customer has not received any response from the team and goes on reporting the provider as a fraud service.If you happen to see the flag of Belarus anywhere, it means the service does not pass the leak test.

On the main tab, you will find information about your username, data for connection (login and password), plan selection, expiry date, and current IP address.However, please note that it is important to use different servers for each device.

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No traffic logs. OpenVPN. Port 443. 1 connection. 33 servers in 28 countries.

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Although RA4W has not mentioned it offers any refunds, it still seems to avoid responding.Upon purchase of a plan, you gain access to all these servers with the capability of connection to them, as many times you want.

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You just need to download and install the OpenVPN Client from the Apple Store.All your information logs within seconds, unless of course you use a blocker software.

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Seems like the user spent a lot of time gathering this information by exploiting weak points in the service.However, if you purchase a plan, you do have some options available.One of the top replies is a user claiming someone from Hack Forums owns the VPN service.During our RA4W review, we came across some conflicting statements on Reddit.For granting private internet access, sending payment confirmations, subscription information and promotional offers, the site logs email addresses.Select your payment type, complete the checkout process, and enjoy using RA4W.

You can only delete, verify, update or create the TAP adapter.Secure, fast, and reliable RA4W VPN is a leading provider of high quality VPN services.The process for using RA4W VPN on iOS is quite similar to Android.RA4W VPN Pricing Review Our RA4W review discovers that the service offers only one plan to its customers, divided into monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually options.It is a free, open-source software, which works perfectly for creating custom VPN connections on Mac.Los Angeles: New York: London: Paris: Amsterdam: Frankfurt: Sydney: Tokyo: hello. contact. Supports TCP Port 443: Supports Obfsproxy: Supports.Our RA4W review discovers that the service offers only one plan to its customers, divided into monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually options.

That One Privacy Guy's VPN Comparison Chart - Scribd

The best VPN providers always make sure to add L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, IKEv1 and IKEv2 protocols with high level AES-256 ciphers.

You can leave your VPN connection on for 41 years with this veritable plan.Instead of using OpenVPN software though, we recommend using Tunnelblick.You will now be able to see connection statistics, which include upload data and download data.Users do have the capability of connection to servers via OpenVPN.

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According to our RA4W review, you can use the VPN on as many devices as you like.RA4W Windows Client Review According to our RA4W review, the Windows Client looks utterly cluttered and boasts almost no settings.In an audit of VPN providers they scored very well for protecting anonymity.

RA4W Privacy and Security As a USA-based VPN provider, RA4W VPN is subject to following certain data retention laws.Since the VPN client is portable, it requires no installation.This means, you can leverage good anonymity over the internet.Users can fix the leak themselves by setting the DNS server manually.

It supports OpenVPN protocols and follows a zero logs policy.


We would definitely like seeing an improvement in protocols, along with higher-level of encryption.Switching to a different protocol is not possible and the configuration manager is useless.

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