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Requirements: 1: Jailbroken ps3 on any CFW (as far as i know it works on.

I would also like to mention that although streaming can be done through Windows Media Player, I find that this method is more complex and less reliable.You should be able to find TVersity without any problem by typing it in your favorite search engine.

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Once setup properly, streaming media content is almost as fast and easy as powering up your PC and your PS3.For Linux users make sure that your firewall, if you have any, lets PS3 find your computer on your local network.

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For Windows users, you have to make sure that you turned on your network.

Turn on your PS3, and go to either the Audio, Video or Music.PS3MediaServer supports transcoding, a format conversion of media files, allowing you to play media files on your computer that may not be supported by PS3.We also need to make sure that our computer network configuration allows PlayStation to talk to our media server.Step 3: Setting up your computer There are multiple software applications available that will allow you to stream media from your computer, however all computers equipped with Windows Media Player already have that ability.

I am wondering if I can wirelessly stream videos (.avi) from my laptop to my PS3.Step 1. Make sure your PC and PlayStation 3 are both on the same network or this will not work. Step 2. Go to the control panel of your PC and.

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How To Play and Control YouTube Videos on PS3 Using Your iPhone.For the purpose of this article, lets assume that we want to stream videos (instructions are the same for all three media types, so no worries).

Now sit back, relax, grab some beers, and enjoy the show with your buddies.

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The Sony PlayStation 3 has many interesting features beyond being able to play PS3 games and Blue-Ray DVDs.The first requirement is that you have a computer with WiFi capability.

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Access your media server, and you should be able to play your media files directory straight from the XMB.Read about How-To: Stream Music From Windows To Your PS3 on EveryJoe. Once this is completed you can begine streaming. 3. Start up Orb on your PC,.

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Note: most of the screenshots are for the Linux version, but the Windows version works the same way.

In this tutorial, we learn how to stream web content to your PS3. How To: Stream PC games to with XSplit Broadcaster How To: Turn a PS3.All I want to do is stream PS3 to PC so that I can show my friends online me playing PS3. Just. Is there any way I can have my friends not in the state.How to stream video from your Samsung Galaxy S2 to your PS3. how to stream media from your PC to. to stream video from your Samsung Galaxy.Grab the latest version of PS3MediaServer and extract it to your local hard drive.The good news is that this can easily be done without having to purchase any software or messing up with your console.Never really looked into it before and i want to set up soemthing to streaming video and other media from my PC top my PS3.We recommend that you configure the media server to transcode your media files for convenience.

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