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JJ shows us how to set up our flagship router the ASUS RT-N66U, the perfect blend of design and speed.In order to re-enable the UpnP for low ports you need to disable AirCloud, enable Telnet access to the router and issue following commands.List of Asus routers This article possibly contains original research.

Asus Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router - 802.11n, Up

The settings vary from Lowest to Highest (5 steps) rather than allocating bandwidth.This is another feature that I need to experiment a bit more with, and will post an update soon.This is a 5th gen dual-band Wi-Fi router, and its quoted speed can reach 1.75Gbps, utilising the Broadcom 802.11ac Wi-Fi controller and by working in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency ranges simultaneously.

You can name them the same, but what usually happens is devices choose the wireless signal with the best signal (which may not have the highest throughput).I have yet to find a VPN device that is as nice to use as an ASA.Find best value and selection for your Asus RT N66U Dual Band Wireless Router search on eBay.Has someone enabled remote connection with an ASUS RT-N66U router.I currently have a failing Linksys and want to replace it, I am Looking specifically very hard at the Asus, the Linksys EA6500 and Netgear6300.

The file shares and users set for LAN FTP access are also used for Internet FTP access.

We will use the factory ASUS router firmware firmware update utility.Although this is likely due to a rights issue with Apple, it does make the iTunes media server of limited value.There are also some 3rd party FW versions out there - I tend to use those tweaked by Merlin.Though not perfect, the Asus RT-N66U Dark Knight Double 450Mbps N Router would make an excellent network gateway for home and small-office environments.These can be accessed from the AiDisk screen shortcuts, or from the main USB Application screen.I have another used to be friend that was great with cisco and could have done it but yeah. keyworld used to.

My xbox that is furthest away from the router says around 2.37Mb on Cinemanow now and the xbox closest gets up to 3.35 Mb which is still not good enough for HD according to Cinemanow(3.5Mb needed). says my speed on my computer plugged into the router is 25.45Mb as the highest for my Download and 4.67 as the highest for my Upload.

About Asuswrt · RMerl/asuswrt-merlin Wiki · GitHub

IEEE 802.11ac is a wireless networking standard of 802.11, which is currently under development, providing high-throughput wireless local area networks on the 5 GHz band.The screen grab below gives an idea of the data throughput on wireless while streaming video.There are not alot of Videos on the device and was hopefull you could guide me better, especially with the startup.Each account can sync with other AiCloud clients and public cloud products directly.

However your Note 2 will only connect to one wireless broadcast at a time.Checking the Asus support site a FW update was available, so the router is now running This is the installed version for the rest of this review, and seems to be pretty stable in use.I had to ensure the router booted a little bit. if I tried to press the reset button either while turning on the router (as is quite common on other routers) or.I also wanted to do the same test using the attached USB drive, however as I was unable to play video on an iOS device directly I was a bit limited.

No ADSL Light - ASUS RT-N66U - Can't connect to internet

After some serious digging, I have learned that the firmware in the ASUS RT-N66 and AC66 does NOT allow UPnP setting of ports below 1024.


The Mac Address filtering is only for wireless clients, not wired clients, so that works for me even if the limit is the same 32 devices.I use an Asus RT-N66U wireless router in my home network, and recently got the new RT-AC66U wireless router to try out.Each of the guest networks can be named and can have authentication or not (I chose not to for my guests).Allows you to access your home network at anytime using an Internet connection.A useful update would be for Asus to provide a USB disk format function from the router itself, which could allow the use of EXT2 or 3.A bit like Dropbox, but with the convenience of being able to use your own USB devices as you please (and associated volume size).

The stock firmware on the ASUS RT-N66U might not be too bad, but why settle for it when you can use Tomato instead.Traffic Monitor shows the reception and transmission data rates for Internet, Wired, and both Wireless networks (2.4GHz and 5GHz).

Is it possible to connect via the internet via ethernet port when using Asus RT-N66U wireless router as a wireless repeater.Asus have an FAQ, which is pretty self explanatory, and uses an HP Deskjet 3000 J310 as an example.In this tutorial, you will learn how to update router firmware on the ASUS RT-N66U.

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