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This function is handled by two programs, Ntdetect.com and Ntoskrnl.exe. The following is the list of hardware components these programs look for.

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For security reasons, you may not want to set this option, but it is available nonetheless.

Learn how to disable Windows XP startup programs by editing the Windows registry and working with Group Policy.

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Each Windows 2000 machine, professional, server, or domain controller, stores the last ten user accounts that were successfully used to log on to the network at that workstation.The limit on pagefile size is 4095 MB, and the user interface in Windows 2000 only allows you to create one pagefile on each volume.

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Manage the Programs Run at Windows Startup (All Windows) Popular.The Registry has much to do with the successful startup of Windows 2000.You can configure the default option implemented when the user selects logoff or shutdown.If the Last Known Good Configuration entry in the Select key has a value of 3, then ControlSet003 stores the configuration that will be used to start Windows 2000 and the system loads it.Browse other questions tagged c windows-xp registry startup autostart or.

Windows application developers LOVE TO DISPLAY THEIR WARES and they do so by having them automatically start.The Domain dropdown list gives the user the opportunity to select the domain to which to log on, while the dial-up option lets the user select a dial-up connection to use.How to Access or Modify StartUp Items in the. monitor your startup registry keys and delete. keys which load applications at start up.The traditional preparedness steps naturally involve backing up, storing the backups offsite, and other normal procedures.For Windows 2000, the program on the boot sector that executes is Ntldr.exe.The Registry editors that ship with Windows 2000, as well as those tools you can purchase or download for free from the Internet, are simply tools to view this data.If you are impatient, you might not want to wait for Windows 2000 to activate a halted application when you issue the shutdown command.

Using the registry editor to change the service state. 10 Comments.

Warning The following section involves editing your system registry.A ControlSet contains a complete set of keys and entries needed by Windows 2000 to launch.Remove WinZip Registry...When Windows 2000 boots, a number of system options can be configured, including the user interface used, which is known as the shell.

Windows 2000 networking is configured so that a user can log on to the network from any workstation on the Active Directory.Figure 6-1: The Select key stores the numbers of the configurations stored in the Registry.With Windows XP and Vista, modifying the registry followed by a reboot.

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Next, the configuration selected by the user is copied to the CurrentControlSet.Chapter 6 from Windows 2000 Registry, published by Prentice Hall.The master boot record specifies the active partition on the computer.Figure 6-3 shows the appearance of the hive listing in the Registry.Windows 2000 stores a number of ControlSets, each identified by a number (e.g. ControlSet001, ControlSet002, etc.). More about ControlSets later.

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