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These protective measures, carried out through filtering processes and other forms of enforcement, are geared toward protecting political, moral, and religious values of the UAE and have considerable popular support.


These include pornography, gambling, homosexuality, and other cultural issues.Second, SmartFilter classifies sites based on multiple criteria, and distinguishing among these criteria to determine which led UAE to block a URL can be difficult - for example, a blocked site about gay and lesbian issues that also contains nudity could appear to represent an attempt to block gay and lesbian content, or to block nudity.To verify that EMIRNET uses SmartFilter, we tested 33 URLs that our testing has determined are misclassified by SmartFilter as containing pornography or sexual content.The UAE uses the SmartFilter filtering software to block nearly all pornography, gambling, religious conversion, and illegal drugs sites tested.

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The UAE government extensively blocks content that it considers objectionable for religious and cultural reasons, though not, apparently, material related to political dissent.

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You can review or change your flight details, upgrade with Skywards Miles or cash, make or change requests and add specific services.Our testing located only slight blocking related to UAE domestic political issues.We located similarly minimal evidence that EMIRNET attempts to block access to media sites.Please note that our destinations can only be searched for in select languages.

Brown, Arab Judicial Structures: A Study Presented to the United Nations Development Program, at.

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Two people who set up a voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) router and transferred calls from the Internet to the UAE telephone system were sentenced to three months in jail plus a substantial fine. 27.To provide comparable results across multiple country studies, the majority of the sites in our global list have content only in English.

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The UAEUNET network blocked some, but not all, sites in the.il domain.ONI also found filtering that demonstrates concern about particular topics, but not a concerted effort to block all access to such materials.Our high-impact testing found broad Internet filtering in numerous areas. 43 Pornographic, hacking, sexuality, gambling, and dating sites were completely or almost completely blocked in UAE.

It is not clear whether EMIRNET believes that activating the SmartFilter category is sufficiently effective, or whether EMIRNET does not view dating sites as sufficiently important to warrant additional filtering efforts.Filtering of Middle Eastern media sources was similarly limited and appears to result mostly from other, unrelated blocking goals, with a single exception (the Arab-American newspaper Arab Times, discussed below).Descriptive information about Internet Wadi with Mclloyd, the worldwide business directory.For example, EMIRNET filtered 22 of 28 drug-related sites, while UAEUNET blocked only three.Please update your browser for a better experience on our website.Emirates Skywards members can log in to view and manage their upcoming travel plans more easily.

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Interrogation devices are designed to run inside a state (i.e., behind its firewall) to perform specific, sensitive functions with varying degrees of stealth.

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Internet Service Provider. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account.The topics most sensitive for the UAE are those the state views as offensive to adherents of Islam.

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We analyze HTTP headers - text sent from the Web server to the browser - to derive information about both the server and the requested page.We found 14 sites completely blocked on both networks, 5 sites completely blocked only on EMIRNET, and 25 completely blocked only on UAEUNET during our testing.

Sorry, the email address, Emirates Skywards number, or password you entered is incorrect.See Appendix 6 for links to complete results from our testing.

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The UAEUNET network blocked both sites we tested on entertainment, hate speech, and extremist groups.UAE blocked more than 15% of the hand-chosen sites that we tested.

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) censors political and religious content and pervasively filters Web sites that contain pornography or content.It is highly improbable that EMIRNET would block these sites for any reason other than the mistaken SmartFilter classification.

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Grants Program of the Program on Global Security and Sustainability.With this method, we tested the results of our high-impact list using UAE proxy servers.Before you fly, discover the extraordinary city of Dubai with our guide to some of its best experiences and attractions.If an error occurs, the HTTP protocol returns codes that indicate the type of error in the header.While 1% of the dmoz list of Middle East media sites was blocked, all of these blocks were either due to the blanket.il block or, in one case, the affiliation of the media source with an Arab-focused Christian group.The most visible political blocking targeted a single Web site, and the scattered blocking we found elsewhere does not conclusively indicate intent.

Dating services that allow dating non-Muslims are also of concern.While our previous research indicates that sites within this category have an increased likelihood of being classified as sexually-focused by SmartFilter, 59 the significantly higher blocking of Middle East-related gay and lesbian sites (30% vs. 10% of general sites on the topic) suggests intent to target this content.The United Arab Emirates (UAE) seeks to establish itself as an economic and technological leader in the Middle East, encourages Internet use for this reason, and yet blocks its citizens from accessing a substantial number of Web sites.Sheikh Zayed Road - Ibn Battuta Mall - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.We tested 119 URLs with both our proxy method and our dial-up method.To access an existing booking, please enter your last name and booking reference below.

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We did not find evidence of concerted effort to identify and block all potentially offensive content.Please enter your departure and arrival airports and either your departure or arrival date.

Title: Microsoft Word - United Arab Emirates - UAE introduces new immigration requirements and changes to the online application syste Author: d93996.To understand thoroughly blocking on the EMIRNET network, we must consider not only what types of content are blocked, but also evaluate the experience of a typical user.Christian views and those of ex-Muslims were particularly likely to be blocked.A UAEUNET only block is a site blocked consistently on servers on the UAEUNET network.This method checks the accuracy of our proxy server testing and also demonstrates the results a user from within the target state can expect.Using our research on topics sensitive to the UAE state, we compiled a list of Web sites that UAE would potentially block.In UAE, we tested servers on two networks: EMIRNET and UAEUNET.

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