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If you have a Surface model with mobile broadband, you can also connect to a mobile broadband network.

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Rather than representing the macros as constants in.NET, you can create more explicit groupings of the macros by defining each group of related macros as a set of enumeration values.

For exclusive connections, the VPNCacheTime named registry value defines the cache time, which is 60 seconds (1 minute) on most devices.Using the ConnMgrEstablishConnectionSync function in this way will cause your application user interface to freeze until the connection request completes.On an actual device, you would need to provide the information for these fields as defined by your service provider.To avoid the overhead of re-establishing the same connection repeatedly, the Connection Manager may maintain a connection even after the last application has released the connection.You can also use the ConnMgrRegisterForStatusNotification function.Once you know that the number of active connections has changed, you need to determine if the change is caused by the connection you requested.As you are likely aware, you can represent a native structure as either a managed structure or a managed class.

The ConnMgrEstablishConnection function does not wait for the connection process to complete but rather initiates the connection request then returns immediately.Like the ConnMgrParam enumeration, this declaration includes the Flags attribute as shown in the following code.First is the default constructor, which is shown in the following code example.

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Establishing Network Connectivity with the Windows Mobile Connection Manager.These values specify the types of proxy servers that Connection Manager can use to establish the connection.The list of class criteria fields to consider when selecting the connection.The good news is that most of these APIs are simple and can be easily accessed from the.NET Compact Framework.

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As the name suggests, the Connection Manager is responsible for managing all of the network connections on a device.Figure 1 shows the information that appears in the Visual Studio Output window when you run this code.If your application is running in the background or if you are establishing the connection on a background thread, the ConnMgrEstablishConnectionSync function is easy to work with because you know as soon as the function returns whether you have successfully established a connection.When you run the code, you will notice that the Cellular Emulator shows that the connection becomes active just as it did previously.For example, the following code shows how to release the connection and request that the Connection Manager cache the connection for 5 minutes (300 seconds).

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The Mobile networks settings menu allows you to configure your mobile network connections. Choose Home only, to only connect to the Sprint network,.

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Notice that the preceding code passes a timeout value to the ConnMgrEstablishConnectionSync function.

For convenience, the class contains two other constructors that represent common situations.

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Within the Device Emulator select Start, and then select Settings.The Connection Manager is overriding the request to not cache the connection but doing so does not consume any significant resources.Retrieves the network identifier (Internet or Work) for the specified URL.To test the preceding connection code, use the Windows Mobile 6 Professional Device Emulator and Cellular Emulator.See Also Other Resources Connection Manager Reference Windows Mobile Cellular Emulator Windows Mobile Device Emulator.These values identify which of the criteria fields in the structure are valid.

The next thing to consider when requesting a connection is the priority of the request.Connection Manager supports a number of priority values beyond those in the enumeration declaration.Selects and establishes the appropriate connection for the specified network identifier.You create an exclusive connection by setting the ConnMgrConnectionInfo.bExclusive field to a non-zero value.To specify multiple criteria fields, use a bitwise-or to combine multiple ConnMgrParam enumeration values.

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For a description of the priority values not listed in Table 2, check out Connection Manager Priority Constants.

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The constructor shown in the following code handles this situation.Data and MMS APN Settings for Android on T-Mobile: Check mobile network settings and reset the APN.To simplify working with the ConnMgrConnectionInfo class, the class definition includes a couple of constructors that take care of some common situations.The following code sample demonstrates using the ConnMgrEstablishConnectionSync function to establish a connection.The GUID for your Work network is A1182988-0D73-439e-87AD-2A5B369F808B.To avoid freezing the application user interface, use the ConnMgrEstablishConnection function.

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